Although his Web Site is in English, Standish is very Dutch. He studied Theatre Arts in the States, so English has become his second nature. He has performed in the USA, Canada, Belarus, India, Singapore, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and of course in the Netherlands. He has lend his voice for several CD productions and has been working as an actor, singer and dancer both for Theatre and Television. He was the face of the first live show "Scream" of Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam, which opened in 2004. He worked in The Amsterdam Dungeon since it opened in September 2005 until September 2008. After several different projects for De Nederlandse Opera and other productions, Standish found a very enjoyable workbase in Science Center Nemo. Here, among many other things, like giving workshops and demonstrations, he performs regularly in the Theatrical presentation “Ruimteschip Aarde”

Standish de Vries

Standish is a performer, an Artist. Actor, Mover, Singer he founded stichting Van DISH in 2009 and has been a founding member of Counterparts Theatre Company since 1996


In 2012 Standish lend his voice for a CD/DVD recording of Stichting Culturele Droomwevers. This project “Tongbrekers” focussed on helping children speak better Dutch through song and rap music. In 2013 he will be singing for their project “Droomreizen en Heldendromen” in association with Thymia